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Also known as Dympna and Dimpna. The earliest historical account of the veneration of St. Dymphna dates from the middle of the thirteenth century. Under Bishop Guy I of Cambrai , Pierre, a canon of the church of Saint Aubert at Cambrai, wrote a “Vita” of the saint, from which we learn that she had been venerated for many years in a church at Gheel province of Antwerp, Belgium , which was devoted to her. The author expressly states that he has drawn his biography from oral tradition. According to the narrative, Dymphna — the daughter of a pagan king of Ireland — became a Christian and was secretly baptized. After the death of her mother, who was of extraordinary beauty, her father desired to marry his own daughter, who was just as beautiful, but she fled with the priest Gerebernus and landed at Antwerp. Thence they went to the village of Gheel, where there was a chapel of St. Martin, beside which they took up their abode.

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Born in St Joseph du Moine and formerly of St. Peter’s Road, Sydney, she was the daughter of the late Amédéé and Eugénie (LeLiévre) Chiasson. She was a member of St. Theresa’s parish, Sydney.

Parish Specific Notes Notes about the parish and state of its baptismal and marriage registers are summarized here. Alphonsus Church, Lemont, IL: This was a German parish founded in and attended by many Polish immigrants from Prussian-Poland. Alphonsus’ Polish parishoners started to attend the new church. Alphonsus was largely depleted of its Polish population. Since some Polish names were poorly spelled, many were “corrected” and not identical to what’s written in the record.

Some of the Notes indicate marriage records of parents which were gleaned largely from the Poznan Project database. This should make locating ancestors in Poland a bit easier. With regard to death records, the names were cross referenced to a edition of Saint Alphonsus Cemetery: The book was prepared largely by reading information off the gravestones.

So, in the Notes field, you may find additional information about the deceased– usually a birth date. There are sometimes discrepancies in the death date. Church death records sometimes include the date of death AND the date of burial.

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March 28, Isaac Hersh was being held at Tranquility Bay, a boot camp in Jamaica, which was known for using severe corporal punishment on the children. Allegations have been made that Isaac’s parents Miriam and Michael Hersh and Rabbi Aharon Schechter were aware of the schools reputation prior to sending him there. He will return to the custody of his foster family. Another boy was released from Tranquility Bay a few weeks ago and stated he witnessed Isaac Hersh being abused.

Yesterday during a meeting with US Embassy officials Isaac confirmed the abuse.

Year: Month: Page: Department: Title: Author 1: Author 2: Author 3: Author 4: 1: 1: Front-Cover Photo: Spiral Galaxy NGC 1: 8: Spectrum: Always My.

Arabic , Greek , Hebrew , and Latin. Apocrypha[ edit ] The Mirror of Alchimy Speculum Alchemiae , a short treatise on the origin and composition of metals, is traditionally credited to Bacon. Stillman opined that “there is nothing in it that is characteristic of Roger Bacon’s style or ideas, nor that distinguishes it from many unimportant alchemical lucubrations of anonymous writers of the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries”, and Muir and Lippmann also considered it a pseudepigraph.

By the late 18th century this study on Folly Bridge had become a place of pilgrimage for scientists, but the building was pulled down in to allow for road widening. Of these legends, one of the most prominent was that he created a talking brazen head which could answer any question. The story appears in the anonymous 16th-century account of The Famous Historie of Fryer Bacon, [n 10] in which Bacon speaks with a demon but causes the head to speak by “the continuall fume of the six hottest Simples”, [99] testing his theory that speech is caused by “an effusion of vapors”.

Unlike his source material, Greene does not cause his head to operate by natural forces but by ” nigromantic charms” and “the enchanting forces of the devil “: By the 19th century, commenters following Whewell [ ] [9] considered that “Bacon

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It is part of a global community of Lasallian educational institutions who are assisted by more than 73, lay colleagues and teach over , students in over 80 countries and vary from teaching in impoverished nations like Nigeria to post-secondary institutions like La Salle University in Philadelphia, Bethlehem University and De La Salle University-Manila. The central administration of the Brothers operates out of the Generalate in Rome and is made up of the Superior General and his councillors.

From to present day, the Brothers based in English Canada have provided assistance in creating 58 schools “Lasallian Educational Apostolates” primarily in Ontario, along with a few schools in Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal, Saskatchewan and Cleveland, Ohio. At the request of Bishop Charbonnel , five Brothers came to Toronto in and established a grammar school at the corner of Lombard and Jarvis Streets. In September of that year, the Brothers extended their ministry to St.

• St. Patrick Society of the Quad Cities brochure and flyer with officers and founders Based on Averages at RPM engine speed, (26 pages) • Agency Referral form from Board of Health City of Chicago (blank pad of forms).

Don is survived by his wife, Helen Read and their five children: He was also predeceased by his only brother, Stewart M. He is also survived by his sister-in-law, Joyce E. Anderson and her children, Stewart Anderson and Ruth Megannety. Don was educated in the Halifax school system and Dalhousie University. While at Dalhousie, Don received Varsity Letters for basketball, rugby and badminton and he also played inter-faculty hockey. Two days after finishing his law exams in May , he went on active service as an officer in Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve.

John’s, and Staten Island, NY. Don took his ship’s lifeboat to rescue and capture a number of the U-Boat crew. Following his wartime service, Don spent two years in Sydney, Cape Breton in association with his uncle W.

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I proudly introduce Randy Engel He was declared dead at the scene of the accident. Cipolla from pro life friends who were part of his Padre Pio group before meeting him face to face for an interview in the early s near the old Pittsburgh Airport. The main topic up for discussion was our mutual nemesis, Bishop Donald W.

Before the interview ended, I took the opportunity to ask Father Cipolla about the charges of sexual abuse that had followed him for more than a decade.

Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot. Pages. Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot. Uploaded by. Clara Ruocco. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot. Download. Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot. Uploaded by.

Dinner tonight will be at a local restaurant in Maryland. We will stop at Michie Tavern for lunch and head off to the David M. Enjoy a ride up on a Monticello shuttle bus or hike the walking trail from the Visitor Center to the House. Next experience a guided House Tour. Hear the stories of the free and enslaved people who lived at Monticello. We will then depart Monticello and arrive for our next three-night stay at Embassy Suites, Mooretown Rd. After check in we will depart for a local restaurant for dinner.

No trip to the Historic Triangle is complete without a full day in Colonial Williamsburg. This incredible living museum encompasses acres, which includes 88 original buildings and reconstructed buildings with museums, homes, lush gardens, trade shops and hands-on activities galore. Colonial Williamsburg offers a remarkable experience for everyone. Lunch is on your own at Merchants Square next door to the Historic Area.

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The land that became the original St. Albert’s Jr. Seminary had a varied if not a long history. This same year, Alphonsus Galligan and Dennis Rigney were among the six students who began their first year of college. ” After Mass he visited with the students. From the Chicago Province came Basil Kahler, Vincent Metzler, Sebastian Urnauer.

Take the Saints Trivia Quiz now! Alphonsus was born in the village of Marianella near Naples, Italy, September 27, At a tender age his pious mother inspired him with the deepest sentiments of piety. The education he received under the auspices of his father, aided by his own intellect, produced in him such results that at the early age of sixteen, he graduated in law.

Shortly after, he was admitted to the Neopolitan bar. In , he lost a case, and God made use of his disappointment to wean his heart from the world. In spite of all opposition he now entered the ecclesiastical state. In , he was ordained a priest. He exercised the ministry at various places with great fruit, zealously laboring for his own sanctification.

In , God called him to found the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, with the object of laboring for the salvation of the most abandoned souls. Amid untold difficulties and innumerable trials, St. Alphonsus succeeded in establishing his Congregation, which became his glory and crown, but also his cross. The holy founder labored incessantly at the work of the missions until, about , he was appointed Bishop of St. Agatha, a diocese he governed until , when broken by age and infirmity, he resigned this office to retire to his convent where he died.

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