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Normally the MSF logo on the vehicle allows us to pass without hindrance. We stopped and I rolled down the window, kept my hands visible and still on my lap, and looked straight ahead. This is standard operating procedure. No sudden movements, no sunglasses, no earphones or music playing. The senior person in the car is the spokesman. The medical team leader is an African lady, half my age. The policeman snorted derisively and waved us on.

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Posted on 28 July, by Undercover1 Evidence of an informal alliance between Turkey and ISIS forms the backdrop to the escalation of air and ground raids against Kurds. All of this gives added weight to the suspicion that the Suruc bombing was arranged to provide Turkey with the pretext to commence a new offensive against the PKK and an excuse to call an emergency meeting of NATO to seek its support for the initiative.

For months Turkey allowed ISIS jihadists to cross the border between it and Syria, in both directions, largely because of the oil trade.

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When people in the crowd called for help, officers found they could not work their way through to reach them because of groups of men blocking their way. When officers ordered members of the mob to disperse, they were ignored. The report also leaves little doubt about who was involved in the chaotic scene, describing the perpetrators as male migrants. Some offenders in the crowd even tore up their residence permits in front of police.

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Migrants saved by boats run by non-governmental organisations will not be allowed into Italy, rightwing Interior Minister Matteo Salvini says. Mr Salvini has often accused the NGOs of encouraging.

RO for seawater desalination and MBR for wastewater treatment cost trends compared. Abstract A reflection of the place cost analysis holds in membrane process technology research and development is provided. The review encompassed two membrane processes and applications: The cost analysis undertaken extended to i the determination of operating expenditure OPEX trends using simple analytical expressions, ii the subsequent estimation of the sensitivity of OPEX to individual system parameters, and iii published data on CAPEX for individual full-scale installations or from cost analyses.

An appraisal of the peer-reviewed literature through a survey of a leading scientific database was also carried out. The OPEX analysis, ostensibly through a consideration of specific energy demand in kWh per m3 permeate, revealed it to relate primarily to hydrodynamics in the case of RO, and to both membrane fouling and air scouring for MBRs.

The bibliometric analysis of research trends revealed a marked difference in emphasis on cost aspects between the two research areas, with the focus on cost specifically being 16 times greater for RO desalination of seawater than MBR treatment of wastewater. MBR research appears to be dominated by fouling and foulant characterisation, making up almost a quarter of all studies, notwithstanding evidence from practitioners that other process parameters are as important in determining MBR process OPEX and operability.

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Labrador Barry Hall is at it again. This time, clobbering an opponent twice during a local footy grand final. In the footage, Hall — now years-old — strikes a player in the face with a swinging left arm. Hall is then confronted by the opponent, proceeding to strike his face again, knocking him to the ground. He has reportedly accepted a one-week suspension, down from two, after the incident was graded as intentional with low impact open hand and high contact.

Earlier this year, Hall told AFL journalist Damian Barrett he feared he could have killed Staker with his flying punch, saying “absolutely [it] could have been worse”. That interview was conducted alongside Staker, who said he is regularly reminded of the punch. His career, which ended with a brief stint with the Western Bulldogs before retiring from the AFL in , was littered with similar incidents.

Barry Hall’s AFL career was littered with aggressive incidents.

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Five tips for women to invest 22 Oct He signed himself up to a number of “senior dating” sites and interviewed hundreds of single men and women. What he found was that even though this is one of the fastest growing demographics of single people, most would never consider online dating without their child’s encouragement. Having proven the concept – being certain there was both a need and commercial value – Matt went about building a team to assist him with the creation of the site.

The US dating services industry has performed well over the last five years.

Hidden behind an overbearing, protective metal door in the centre of Budapest is the entrance to the Hungarian branch of Amnesty International. For Julia Ivan, the director of Amnesty here, the.

This may include verbal abuse, threats, harassment, intimidation and controlling behaviour like limiting access to friends, relatives and finances. Family violence can happen at any level of close interpersonal relationships—spouses, partners, parents, children, and siblings. The police can provide you with a referral letter to go to the hospital for medical examination and treatment.

Call if you are in immediate danger. You need to make a police report if you wish to apply for a Protection or Expedited Order. The Order can protect you from further abuse. The social workers will advise you on how to protect yourself and your family members. They can also help the abuser to stop his behaviour. Seek medical treatment or examination if you are injured You should seek medical treatment at your nearest hospital or clinic. Even if you do not wish to take action against the abuser, it is advisable that you visit the doctor to have your injuries treated as well as documented as evidence of the abuse.

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Former US military whistleblower Chelsea Manning says she was denied entry into Canada because of her criminal record. Chelsea Manning says she will challenge the decision Canadian minister reluctant to intervene PM Justin Trudeau declines to comment The transgender woman was known as Bradley Manning in when she was convicted of leaking a trove of classified documents. She was released after serving seven years of a year sentence, which was commuted by former president Barack Obama in his final days in office.

On Monday, she tweeted a letter from Canadian immigration officials that said she was refused entry because she was convicted of offences deemed equivalent to treason in Canada. She tried to cross at the official border office at Lacolle, Quebec, on Friday.

The Time from NPL is a radio signal broadcast from the Anthorn Radio Station near Anthorn, Cumbria, which serves as the United Kingdom’s national time reference. The time signal is derived from three atomic clocks installed at the transmitter site, and is based on time standards maintained by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington. The service is provided by Babcock.

Sexual violence is an act of violence, in which most of the victims are women. Sexual violence is not merely a kind of sexual behavior, but an act of violent attack by means of sex so as to dominate others. The term does not only limit to rape and indecent assault, but also embraces any kind of sexual abuse without body contact that can still cause the victims to feel fear, being insulted and harmed including sexual harassment. The Association endeavors to bring issues of sexual violence against women to the attention of both the government and the community.

The Association also appeals to the government and the community to offer victims support to pursue their legitimate interests and restore their life with confidence and dignity. The Association set-up hotline service in its inception, and started to provide counseling service for victims in October Now supported by the Community Chest, RainLily continues to offer the victimized women a one-stop service around the clock, included pregnancy prevention, screening and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, forensic medical examination, psychological support and reporting to the police.

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