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It is about the Luciferian philosophy of the occult elite and its futuristic pendant, transhumanism. Gigantic spoilers ahead Lucy is a science fiction movie that combines profound existential questions with a bunch of action scenes involving Asian gangsters. The fact that the main character is named Lucy is the first clue hinting towards the philosophical basis of the movie. In the movie, Lucy is a human version of Lucifer, as her increased brain capacity allows her to gain the knowledge required to become a god. Transhumanism is about humans reaching another level of development through man-made technology and robotics. To fully understand Lucy, we will need to look further into these two concepts. It is nevertheless the philosophy that overwhelmingly prevails in the highest circles of society — what we call the occult elite. Interpreted in several forms, Luciferianism can be associated with philosophical currents such as humanism, Gnosticism, and Kabbalism and is the driving force behind secret societies such as the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, and many others.

Prince Charles: “Let’s remember Muhammad on Christmas”

And believe me when I say that if humanity as a whole were aware of our true history, there would be a massive world-wide revolution against the current power brokers and their ilk. It is the contention of the author that the biblical pre-flood civilization of the Hebrew bible and other ancient traditions are none other than the legend of Atlantis spoken of in so many ancient texts.

Atlantis is the subject of a legend about an advanced island civilization that was destroyed or lost. About years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato set down a dialog where he recounted a story from an ancient Greek poet and statesman called Solon.

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The Lollapalooza festival, Rhianna, Dita von Teese and more proof that mass media is all about indoctrinating people with a carefully planned out agenda. Back in , record producer Steve Albini said: It is just a large scale marketing of bands that pretend to be alternative but are in reality just another facet of the mass cultural exploitation scheme. In this ad, you get a nice glimpse into what Lollapalooza is about. A girl is doing the one-eye sign while sticking out a lizard-like tongue; A guy trying hard to be the devil … and a whole lot of corporate sponsors.

Another girl doing the one-eye sign. Also, a guy who appears to be a robot. In short, the target market. Chantal Jensen is a leading lady of Dutch television. She recently launched a new magazine and the cover is basically a big tribute to the one-eye sign. Another European magazine cover, another fat one-eye sign. Hiding one eye is very modern.

Top 10 unexplained ancient artifacts – Fact or Fiction?

They are quite reminiscent of what normal functioning, intelligent children are taught and grasp the concept of basic respect of human beings who may cross their paths in normal everyday settings. PSA to black male street harassers: You are not right! You disrespect religious women, decent women regardless of belief system and women who mind their business.

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Dead Sea scrolls The appearance of Lilith in the Dead Sea Scrolls is somewhat more contentious, with one indisputable reference in the Song for a Sage 4Q , and a promising additional allusion found by A. Baumgarten in The Seductress 4Q The first and irrefutable Lilith reference in the Song occurs in 4Q , fragment 1: Akin to Isaiah Another text discovered at Qumran, conventionally associated with the Book of Proverbs, credibly also appropriates the Lilith tradition in its description of a precarious, winsome woman – The Seductress 4Q The ancient poem – dated to the first century BC but plausibly much older – describes a dangerous woman and consequently warns against encounters with her.

Customarily, the woman depicted in this text is equated to the “strange woman” of Proverbs 2 and 5, and for good reason; the parallels are instantly recognizable: Her house sinks down to death, And her course leads to the shades. All who go to her cannot return And find again the paths of life. None of those who enter there will ever return, And all who possess her will descend to the Pit.

“Noah” Promotes The Luciferian Gnostic Belief That The Creator Of This World Is Evil

Unfortunately for the people of the world everything is going according to the New World Order Plan. But what is this New World Order Plan? In a nutshell the Plan is this. The Dark Agenda of the secret planners of the New World Order is to reduce the world’s population to a “sustainable” level “in perpetual balance with nature” by a ruthless Population Control Agenda via Population and Reproduction Control. A Mass Culling of the People via Planned Parenthood, toxic adulteration of water and food supplies, release of weaponised man-made viruses, man-made pandemics, mass vaccination campaigns and a planned Third World War.

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Little did he realize, when he was reporting personal observations of Clinton behavior, he was providing iron-clad proof that Bill and Hillary are, indeed, powerful Illuminist witches! The New World Order is coming! Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!! Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again. But, he was the most popular man in Germany, and remained so until just before Germany collapsed under allied firepower in At the very beginning, in , certain White Magic Occultists recognized that Hitler was demonically possessed, and that he was a practitioner of the Black Magick Arts. Their vigorous attempts to warn people absolutely fell on deaf ears. Nobody believed him, and many of those who refused to believe died in Hitler’s Holocaust.

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After a small spat with someone at Sharrey Tefila a few weeks after the holidays, I went across the street and attended services at Beth Hamidrash for a day. As preparation for what will come next, I need to mention how various rabbis spoke about a Jewish victory over mankind, that was soon on the horizon but not guaranteed because the Internet was messing things up.

I never got more detail than that. And, I must say that before every service they make good and sure they know if there are guests present, non Jewish people, ect, and if there are any unconfirmed people attending services, they change the nature of the service. The speaker cautiously proceeded The Jews, in violation of C3 status, use their religious services as political and war planning venues.

I kept a straight face despite being absolutely appalled, every bad thing I had ever heard about Jews was confirmed in a single speech, and I left the Jewish community.

Posts about Luciferianism written by Luciferianblog. A Poem. December 4, Escape. I am Free, even for a moment, I take some time to walk from Civilization into Wilderness, untouched by .

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K As I said with the previous article, just more evil is good doctrine. Now you have youngs girls wanting werewolves, and vampires for boyfriends. Let me guess, you think that is silly, and just a small thing. You are wrong, that is how it starts. TechZilla No you have the causes and effects backwards, what you think started it is in fact its conclusion.

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Clearly this song makes an effort to name as many of the top targets of Illuminati expose’ videos and articles as possible. Most of the artists she name-calls have done so many Illuminati propaganda videos and performances that people have every reason to suspect something. The term “Illuminati” is definitely being used in a favorable context here, to indicate a group of people she feels have attained spiritual enlightenment.

If we simply re-arrange a few of the lyrics, we can deduce the message of what exactly she is saying: That’s what it is. Truth and the Light. Let the fire burn. It’s the Enlightenment that started it all. The Founding Fathers wrote it down on the wall. And now the media’s misleading us all, turned right into wrong. It’s time to dance and turn this dark into somethin’. So let the fire burn, this music is bumpin’. We’re gonna live forever.

Upgrading humans into GODS will be the next ‘billion dollar industry’ expert claims

Saint Wolfgang and the Devil, by Michael Pacher. Lewis , and Jesper Aa. Petersen stated that the term Satanism “has a history of being a designation made by people against those whom they dislike; it is a term used for ‘ othering ‘”. European witchcraft , Maleficium sorcery , and Witch-cult hypothesis As Christianity expanded throughout the Middle East , North Africa , and Europe, it came into contact with a variety of other religions, which it regarded as ” pagan “.

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As soon as the Queen is dead, he is King. Why do countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand still serve the foreign masters sitting on their worthless asses in Buckingham Palace??? David Glynn We keep the royal family as a prized and very expensive ornament that sits atop our mantle piece known as Buckingham palace. God save the queen! You can also avail this. It was only a few years ago that the Queen was asked to pay taxes.

John the Mad I disagree with what the Prince of Wales said on this topic, but let this Canuck help you with understanding the Canadian monarchy.

Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)