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And he was succeeded. The city of Odessa is rich in attractions and places of interest. Explore this wonderful city you can start with Primorskiy Boulevard. Pay attention to the architecture of buildings of the City Council – the main administrative building of Odessa; colonnade of the palace of the Count Vorontsov, a monument to one of the founders of the city – the Duke de Richelieu, monument to Pushkin. Be sure to visit Primorskiy Boulevard in the evening. At sunset Boulevard is transformed into a fantastic fairytale with thousands of colored lights on each of the trees. During your visit of Potemkin stairs, you’ll get a great view of the marina. When you have a promenade along a marina you will have a fantastic time. Here you will see a monument of outstanding sculptor Ernst Neizvestnyi “The Golden Child”, symbolizing a young but rapidly growing city, a monument to a “Sailor’s Wife”, which is staring at the see and waiting for her husband, opened the exhibition of anchors, art gallery and the church of St.

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But despite technically being too late to buy a ticket, I managed to finagle my way into the first screening of Free and Easy, a Chinese film. I had just rolled into Odessa a few hours before on the overnight bus, so maybe I should have skipped it and caught a couple hours of sleep. I scooted into a seat as the lights were going down, and I settled in for my first real film festival experience. This time, I was going to the Odessa International Film Festival in order to cram as many films into three days as possible.

I carefully curated a list of films that I wanted to see, organized my list of must-eat destinations, and packed a cocktail dress for the one party I was going to. Why is the Odessa International Film Festival so great? Lastly, Odessa is an incredibly fun city. The Odesa International Film Festival had opening night at the gorgeous opera house, red carpet and all. Sadly, I was boarding a bus back in Kyiv then so I missed the glamour. Free and Easy Directed by: In part because the program synopsis was so cryptic more than the above logline , and in part because comedy is so cultural.

The director, Jun Geng, plays a lot with silences and empty spaces. The frozen town is practically empty, as if everyone is in hibernation except for the handful of characters we meet.


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Sara Evans Catherine the Great founded the city in , envisioning a glorious seaside southern capital. Fabulous frontages went up, displaying an eclectic blend of architectural styles. Limes, acacias, chestnuts and plane trees were planted, adding greenery and shading streets to keep the Russian aristocrats who flocked here cool in summer.

Now renovation and restoration are returning them to their former glory. Freshly painted in a dusky pink, the Bristol looks like the home of a fairy-tale heroine. Inside, goddesses of the stage — including Isadora Duncan and Anna Pavlova — once danced here for rapturous audiences, seated in sumptuous velvet, surrounded by Rococo splendour. From here I head to nearby vul Prymosrky, a stately, tree-lined pedestrian area, running parallel with the sea. Babushkas rest on old-fashioned benches, watching photographers with peacocks approach visitors to photograph them and women in heels push Mary Poppins-style prams.

Although the massacre never actually took place on the steps, they remain a key city landmark. Turks, Albanians, Bulgarians, Poles and Armenians alongside Germans, French and Italians — all came and contributed to the creation of a city whose statue-lined rooftops and dreamy half-there, pastel-painted buildings make Odessa the prettiest, pearliest seaside queen I have ever seen.

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Though slightly faded in splendor, Odessa more than deserves its nickname, “The Pearl of the Black Sea.” Wide boulevards are lined with huge sycamores and chestnut trees, and beautiful classical buildings in proportion to the broad streets make for an elegant impression.

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ODESSA UKRAINE BEACHES GUIDE: Odessa, Ukraine is one of the major port cities located in the southern part of the country. It is situated on the Black Sea .

Odessa, “Pearl of the Black Sea” Apart from its famous Potemkin Steps and the mutiny on board the battleship Potemkin, I had very limited perception of Odessa as a tourist destination. So, which of these conflicting comments do you believe? It was scorching hot when we arrived in mid-August, made worst by a non-airconditioned taxi ride.

We had just been to Yorkshire where it was very cold and wet and the vast change in temperature hit hard at my travel-weary body, after a 5 a. I could feel a headache coming on. As we drove the 10 miles from Odessa airport to the seaport terminal we went through city centre. The young cab driver was very polite but spoke no English, not even enough to confirm that we needed to be delivered to a boat and not a hotel.

We were therefore relieved when we saw the seaport terminal where our riverboat was to be berthed. My research indicates that a landmark to look for is the Hotel Odessa and when we saw this towering hotel, we knew we were in the right place. Much as we tried to retain the driver, time was precious and he was in a hurry, no doubt to rush to his next job. This beautiful Statue of a Golden Baby symbolizes the rebirth of the City.

The next morning, we did our tour of the old part of town, walking through the historic city centre with its many splendid monuments.


During the reign of Ekaterina the Great during the 18th century, it was as if this land was touched by the wings of an angel. There was a time of outstanding peace. It is impossible not to mention that they also brought their most valued riches. Never before have women of such bewitching and captivating beauty and perfection risen from any other lands.

Taisiya. I live in Odessa, Ukraine., i am 34 y/o without children. I speak Russian, English and work as a. I am Single and my religion is I will tell you later.

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Monday – November 26, 2018

October 25, This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. The competition is suddenly picking up rather quickly, with Ukraine appearing on a tourism map of Europe. After the annexation of Crimea, Odessa suddenly and unexpectedly even to itself became the first go-to place for Ukrainians on vacation.

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